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Policies and terms and conditions of accommodation | Hostel Blue Sea
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Policies and terms and conditions of accommodation

For HOSTEL BLUE SEA conservation, protection, integrity and confidentiality of the personal data of our customers is very important. For this we have designed a policy of storing and processing of the information provided by our customers through different channels of marketing our products and services (such as web sites, social networks, call centers, emails, directly), at BLUE SEA  we are committed to the protection and proper management of personal data, according to the applicable legal regime of protection of this data in each territory in which we operate.

I Accommodation general conditions

  1. PRICING POLICY: The cost of our services is expressed in Colombian pesos (COP) and it does not include the VAT component this value will be added when complete your booking. Foreign people are exempt from VAT in the Colombian national territory.
  2. VAT tax: We are responsible to collect the VAT 19% sales tax.
  3. SERVICES THAT INCLUDE MEALS TARIFS: accommodation, free Wi-Fi connection, use of Solarium, safe deposit box in the room except the bedrooms, table games, darts, Sapo game, use of free kayaks for guests with more than 3 days of stay.
  4. SERVICES THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE MEALS TARIFS: laundry service, consumption of alcoholic beverages or alcohol, meals, walks, national and international phone calls and other services not specified in the tariff.
  5. WARRANTY: To guarantee your reservation you must advance 30% of the value of the accommodation, within two (2) business days following the registration of the reserve.

II Reservations cancellation politicies

  1. NO SHOW: non-arriving at the hostel without notice prior 24 hours of arrival, in all cases, the Hostel will charge a penalty equal to the amount advanced to secure the reservation.EARLY DEPARTURE: in the event that the guest wants an early departure, the guest must cancel 50% of the cost for nights remaining as penalty.

    CANCELLATION: in case of cancellation of the reservation within 8 days prior to arriving, in all cases, the Hostel will charge a penalty equal to the amount advanced to secure the reservation.

III General conditions for tour packages

  1. ALLIANCES: HOSTEL BLUE SEA may be associated with other companies, entities or organizations to form packages of services for your guests or customers.
  2. RESPONSIBILITIES: HOSTEL BLUE SEA explicitly states that except for accommodation services Blue Sea works only as an intermediary between the client and service providers or entities or people engaged to provide the services indicated in the products. Accordingly, the guest exempts Blue Sea of all responsibilities for any damage, wound, accident, delay or irregularity which may occur during the execution of these services, people who take this service. Also by natural atmospheric conditions and for any other reason which constitutes fortuitous case or force majeure and that, therefore, cannot be attributable to the will of either party.
  3. CONDITIONS OF RESERVATION: Reservations for this tour package, should be undertaken at least with fifteen (15) days prior to the arrival at the HOSTEL BLUE SEA. HOSTEL BLUE SEA reserves the right to ask the customer a deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the value of the package tour contract as a guarantee for the provision of the services specified in the tourist package.
  4. CANCELLATIONS AND PENALTIES: Cancellations are only accepted in the event that the client communicates it in writing to HOSTEL BLUE SEA with fifteen (15) days in advance at the beginning of the provision of the service. When customer desists from purchasing the package tour with less than 15 days prior to arrival HOSTEL BLUE SEA, in all cases will charge a cancellation penalty equal to the total amount paid as deposit, this to cover for collateral damages.
  5. ACCEPTANCE: The customer declares acceptance of these general conditions for engaging Blue Sea and such acceptance will be ratified by one any of the following acts: a) the payment of the services contracted prior to the provision of these of any form; ((b) the payment of 30% as client or 50% in packages required as a guarantee for the initiation of the services c) acceptance of the invoice for the services contracted directly by the customer or any of their representatives; (d) through the use of one portion of any of the contracted services.

IV Protection and conservation of flora and wildlife

  1. Hostel blue sea is committed to the environment and the promotion of sustainable tourism; following activities with good environmental practices that enable the development of the city and the region while reducing the negative impact of tourism on nature and ecosystems.  in accordance with the provisions of the article 1 of legislative decree 2811 of 1974 – renewable natural resources and environmental protection and law 17 of 1981 national code was adopted in colombia, the trade convention international endangered species of fauna and flora wild 1981, give recommendations to our guests and visitors:
    • Understand the environmental consequences of trafficking in flora and fauna.
    • Avoid buying or selling in places known as destinations where can be Illegal trafficking of wildlife.
    • Do not take to your house or company illegal/wild fauna or flora.
    • Do not remove animal or plant species from their natural environments.
    • Do not eat foods derived from animals or wild plants.
    • Do not buy or sell products derived from wild plants or animals.
    • Have respect for wild animals and keep the distance

    We also inform that the misbehaviors against species of flora and fauna are punished by the national police (art. 101).  report any suspicious activity regarding the competent authorities in order to mitigate the environmental damage caused by this activity.

    Visit parks and natural reserves, complying with the recommendations of environmental stewardship within the site.

    Best pets are those domestic but wild animals belong to their environment.

V Prohibition of sex tourism with minors

  1. First of all, sex tourism is conduct that is typified by the colombian criminal code in the following terms: “direct or indirect organizing or promoting tourist activities involving the sexual use of minors shall incur a prison four (4) to eight (8) years. penalties will increase by half when the conduct is carried out with less than twelve (12) years”.At the same time, act 679 of 2001 “which is issued a statute to prevent and counter exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with minors, in development of article 44 of the constitution,” establishes the following points about the topic :
    1. Hostel blue sea will not offer in the tour programs, plans of child sexual exploitation. we also take measures to prevent employees or intermediaries to offer sexual contacts with minors (art. 16).
    2. Hostel blue sea will include in its advertising, information about the legal consequences of exploitation and sexual abuse of children in the country (art. 17).
    3. Hostel blue sea must be subjected to administrative sanctions of law by engaging in any of the following conduct (art. 19) and must:
      1. Don’t offer plans of sexual exploitation of children in tourism promotion programs.
      2. Don’t give information to tourists about places where are coordinated or practice of commercial sexual exploitation of children.
      3. Non-driving tourists to places where the commercial sexual exploitation of children is practiced as well as lead to the sites where tourists are staying.
      4. Don’t provide vehicles or touristic purposes of exploitation or sexual abuse of children and adolescents.
      5. Prevent the entry of minors in places of accommodation, bars and other establishments that provide tourism services, for purposes of exploitation or sexual abuse.
      6. Adopt measures to prevent the personnel with the company, offering tourist services that allow sexual activity of minors
      7. Report to the ministry of commerce, industry and tourism and other competent authorities, the facts of that having had knowledge by any means, as well as the existence of places related to sexual exploitation of minors and ensure that inside the company there are channels for the corresponding complaint.
      8. Design and disseminate within the company and with its suppliers a policy where the provider established measures to prevent and counteract all forms of exploitation of children in travel and tourism.
      9. Train the staff linked to the company, talk of prevention of the commercial sexual exploitation of children
      10. Inform their users about the legal consequences in colombia of exploitation and the sexual abuse of minors.
      11. Set in a visible place this code of conduct and other commitments and measures that the provider you want to assume in order to protect children.

    On the other hand, the law 1336 of 2009 “by means of which is added and strengthens the law 679 of 2001, against exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with children, girls and adolescents”, establishes the following:

    Tourist service providers should adopt a code of conduct that promote prevention policies and prevent the sexual exploitation of minors. such codes of conduct should look at public places and updated when necessary.

    The ministry of commerce, industry and tourism will coordinate in the company of the representative bodies of the sector a model of these codes (art. 1). the commerce, industry and tourism ministry, district and municipal authorities shall ensure compliance with the code of conduct. to be able to register or renew the rnt is a requirement to the providers of tourist services that adhere to the code of conduct (art. 5).

    Tourist service providers should be involved from the hand of the ministry of commerce, industry and tourism strategies of sensitization and information on sex tourism with minors (art. 6).

    Tourist service providers will collaborate, through its programs for the promotion of tourism plans, in the dissemination of prevention campaigns against child sexual exploitation, when required by the ministry or the icbf.

Blue Sea Hostel

None of the prices shown on this website include taxes (IVA). Colombian citizens and residents will be charged “IVA” at the time of check-in. Taxes “IVA” are not charged to Foreigners tourist.