Diving lessons – Sport fishing – Boat trip – Snorkeling – Panoramic view of the sea

Diving lessons 

Diving defines exactly the practice of diving in the sea, which is also, and by far, the most practiced diving in the world.

The physiological characteristics of diving make it necessary to follow strict rules and respect safety limits, so the safe practice of diving (particularly in the case of self-diving) requires specific training.

Explore the wonders of the underwater world, with simple diving lessons, dive and observe corals, fish, marine plants of the Colombian Caribbean Sea.

Sport fishing

Sport fishing is considered the art of catching one fish at a time, using cane, reel, line and hook, and for entertainment rather than food or commercial purposes, it is an activity that combines leisure and recreation with sport , letting the constant contact with nature and with himself intervene, who carries out this activity acquires knowledge about type of marine fauna, climatic conditions, soil and much more.

It is worth clarifying that fishing has its own rules and is jealously measured by ecological entities to protect aquatic fauna, so it is important to learn well and practice it responsibly. Blue Sea Cottage organizes fishing trips constantly for people with and without experience.

Boat ride


For those who want something quiet the boat ride is a wonderful option suitable for all, where you can appreciate the majestic beauty of the blue water and its beautiful environment by crossing its waters and admiring the unique landscape that its shores offer.

Come and enjoy a walk through the different islands of the region:

  • San Bernardo
  • Islas del Rosario
  • Cartagena


Snorkeling also known as tubeo, is one of the water sports that has become more fashionable in recent years and is ideal for any age.

A very simple aquatic activity to practice and that consists of swimming on the surface of the water, with a tube to breathe and some fins that will allow you to swim as if you were a fish and a mask, the best thing of all when practicing the snorkeling, is that we can enjoy the marine environment completely and without having to take our heads out of the water since the mask protects our eyes, and the tube helps us to breathe without problems.

With this practice you will be able to appreciate from the surface some of the wonders of the ocean.

Panoramic view of the sea

Nothing more beautiful than having a nice view of the sea, having a coffee, a cocktail or simply enjoying the view with the family.

In Blue Sea Cottage we offer you a nice view of the sea and many more activities.

¡Activities to enjoy sun @, in couple or in family!


  • Wi-Fi
  • Hikes through the region

  • Toad game

  • Darts, Cards

  • Parqués, dominoes and chess

  • Kayak (conditions and restrictions apply)



  • Table tennis

  • Jet skis

  • Windsurf

  • Flysurf

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