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¿How to get to Rincón del Mar Blue Sea Cottage y Dive Center?

Remember the following, ¡¡It’s very important!

Get in touch with Blue Sea Cottage and Dive Center before starting your trip, in this way a person from our service will take care of you during the trip, either by land or land, so it will be easier to guide and help you if necessary. With Blue Sea Cottage you do not travel alone.

Arriving from Cartagena

If you have arrived by plane, or have made a tour that has you in this beautiful city. Approximate travel time to Rincon del Mar 2:30 hours. 126 km.

After arriving in Cartagena you will have these two options to get to Blue Sea Cottage.

Opción 1

There is a private transport with capacity for 4 passengers, which provides the pick-up service at the airport in Cartagena to the clients of Blue Sea Cottage, with destination to the cabin in Rincon del Mar, San Onofre Sucre.

This service is additional and has a value of $ 280,000 per trip (quota of 4 people), it is essential to cover the quota.

Opción 2

You ask at the airport for a taxi to take you to the transport terminal, (with the ticket the taxi driver will not charge you more than stipulated) Approximately. $ 18,000 to $ 27,000 thousand pesos.

At the transport terminal a bus will take you to San Onofre, Approximately. $ 29,000, this bus will drop you off at the San Onofre express office, before you arrive concact us to send one of the motorcycle taxis, they will bring you directly to us $10,000. per person.

This motorcyclist will carry your suitcase, so do not worry about it.

Arriving by land from de Eje Cafetero


It is recommended for travelers by land to use GPS, the Wase works perfectly for this route, you just have to enable the option: roads with tolls, select Rincon del Mar with a stop in Sincelejo, this way you will not be taken by hunt that is a little more retired and although in some places you will not have a signal, the route will always be adjusted.

From Pereira


Approximate travel time to Rincón del Mar 15 hours. 759 km.

You start your trip to Rincón del Mar: The first stop can be done in La Pintadathere you can rest and eat something, Medellín, Don Matías, Santa Rosa de Ososthere you can stop again at the pandequeso hostel, the weather is cold and they sell a chocolate with delicious pandebonos, if you want you can spend the night there, one of the most reliable and economical hotels is the one that remains in the service station, we continue to Yarumal, Valdivia, Puerto Valdivia, Taraza and Caucacia;This is a small town but the heat that characterizes the coast begins, you can stop and have a drink to continue your trip, Buena Vista, Planeta Rica, Sahagún, Chinú and SincelejoHere you are very little of your destiny, Tolú Viejo, San Onofre and finally RINCÓN DEL MAR.


Tarapaca II, Santágueda, Supía, Versalles, Niquia, Trapiche Pandequeso, Los llanos, Tarazá, La apartada, Carimagua, La Esperanza, San Onofre.

The price of tolls are between $ 130,000 and 150,000 and varies according to the category of the vehicle.

General recommendations


This is the route used by tourists to get to Blue Sea Cottage, the stops are a reference of known and safe places, but in the last stops the traveler determines according to the start time of the trip, companions and other conditions that may arise, It is recommended to tourists for safety not to make stops in solitary places on the roadside at any time, preferably to make stops in places with attention to the public.

From Bogotá


Approximate travel time to Rincón del Mar 17 Hours. 1,080 km.

You start your trip to Rincon del Mar: Take Bogota, Honda, the dorada, Puerto Boyacá, Puerto Berrio, Barrancabermeja, San Alberto, San Martin, Aguachica, Pailitas, Curumaní, Bosconia, Plato, Carmen de Bolívar, María la Baja, San Onofre and finally Rincon del Mar.

This route is not much we know, most tourists, move from Bogota by plane to Cartagena, we are working to get references of places to make stops and rest.


13 Approximately, the value of the tolls is between $ 120,000 and $ 145,000; the price varies according to the category of the automobile.

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